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What is Nitrogen Dioxide Sterilization? 

Immediate Use
No aeration required
Room Temperature Sterilization
Safe for most heat and moisture sensitive materials
 Safe for most medical materials 

The Eniware Portable Sterilizer (EPS-25) uses novel nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) technology to sterilize instruments at room temperature and without external power or water. Nitrogen dioxide is a reddish-brown gas that is generated through a chemical reaction when the SterilNox Ampoule is placed and engaged in the EPS-25. While it is commonly found as a byproduct of factories, cars, and power plants, NO₂ gas has also been proven to be an effective and safe chemical sterilant. Nitrogen dioxide has been shown to be effective against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and spores, and it works as a sterilant by degrading the microorganism’s DNA through single-strand breaks. NO₂ gas is a small molecule with a low boiling point, making it especially good at diffusing into complex devices and filling spaces. While NO₂ can be toxic at very high concentrations, it is dramatically safer than similar sterilant gases such as hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide, or chlorine dioxide and requires a smaller concentration to be effective. Unlike autoclaves, which require large amounts of electricity and distilled water, NO₂ sterilization within the EPS-25 does not require external power or water, and because it works at ambient temperature and pressure, it is uniquely suited for low-resource settings.

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