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Company History

■Unit is Portable (~35 lbs / 15.8 kg)

■Estimated Cycle Time: 2 hours

■Operates at Room Temperature

■Requires NO external Electricity or Water to operate

■Uses two landfill-safe consumables

■Uses nitrogen dioxide gas (NO2) as the sterilant

■Sterilizes to a PNSU 10-6

■Embedded software controls use 3 C  batteries

■Easy to learn, Easy to use

■Event driven Interlocks ensure safety

Image by D koi

Company History

Eniware (pronunciation; “anywhere”), a Delaware LLC, was founded by James Bernstein, MD, and Huma Malik, who have invested in the company with sweat equity and investment. Both are committed to the mission of Eniware and have been active participants in the voice of the customer marketing efforts, traveling to four African countries in conjunction with Jhpiego and all phases of the product development.

Dr. Bernstein recognized the potential for future technological innovations and founded the company Noxilizer in 2004 to develop a wholly innovative and novel sterilant that would meet the demands. Funded entirely by angel investors, including those who had benefited from Dr. Bernstein’s earlier companies, Noxilizer brought to market the first-ever nitrogen dioxide (NO2)-based sterilizer, which has been cleared to sterilize implantables and prefilled syringes by the FDA. Today, Noxilizer is the market leader in room temperature sterilization for pharmaceuticals.

Eniware’s clear and specific goals directly address an urgent and widely recognized unmet global need: To enable health professionals worldwide to support safe essential surgery by providing sterilization capacity anywhere, independent of the availability of power or water. Eniware envisions a world where everyone has access to safe surgery, whether in New York City, a rural village in Asia, a district hospital in Ethiopia, a military’s far-forward combat surgical unit, a refugee camp, or on the frontlines of a natural disaster.


Eniware’s goal to adapt the Noxilizer technology to a power-free portable sterilizer has been realized with an early ALPHA prototype validated by the USAF. Eniware has built a substantial fund of specialized knowledge and have many robust achievements that have honed our abilities going forward.

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