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The Eniware Portable Sterilizer

Our Eniware Portable Sterilizer (EPS-V2.0) is designed to be lightweight, durable, easy-to-use, safe, and effective for multiple uses. The EPS-V2.0 uses novel nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) technology to sterilize medical instruments at room temperature and without external power or water. The unit requires no external energy sources, including electricity or fuel, for operation. The system consists of a disposable, single-use Gas Generation Module (GGM) that generates nitrogen dioxide gas (NO₂) and a disposable, single-use scrubber that safely absorbs the gas after sterilization is complete. Medical instruments are placed inside the Sterilization Chamber, along with chemical indicators, allowing sterility to be maintained even after the unit has been opened. 

How It Works: 

  1. User loads surgical instrument trays into the sterilization chamber and powers on the system.

  2. User inserts Gas Generation Module (GGM) and Scrubber/Humidity Cartridge.

  3. User closes the sterilization chamber and latches the chamber lid. The sterilization cycle begins and NO2 Gas is generated by the GGM. Note: Gas is NOT generated before the sterilization cycle begins.

  4. At the end of the sterilization cycle, residual NO2 gas is completely scrubbed from the unit.

  5. The surgical instruments are now sterile and safe to be used immediately with no down time. (Surgical instruments can also be left inside of the sterilization chamber for up to 2 weeks where sterility will be maintained until the chamber is opened.)


  • EPS-V2.0 is Portable (Weight: ~35 lbs / 15.8 kg)

  • Estimated Cycle Time: 2 hours

  • Sterilization Chamber Volume: 25.7L

  • Sterilization Chamber Area: 29”x17”x9.5” (LxDxW)

  • Operates at Room Temperature

  • Requires NO external Electricity or Water to operate

  • Uses two landfill-safe consumables (GGM and Scrubber Module)

  • Uses nitrogen dioxide gas (NO₂) as the sterilant

  • Sterilizes instruments and equipment to a PNSU 10^-6

  • Embedded software controls use 3 C batteries

  • Includes backup power supply

  • Easy to learn, Easy to use

  • Event driven Interlocks ensure device safety

  • Data storage for at least 120 cycles including Date, Time, and Cycle Length

The EPS-V2.0 is designed to accommodate surgical instrument sets suitable for the following markets and more: 


  • Military 

  • Emerging Markets

  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief 

  • Public and Global Health 

  • Medical Missions 

  • Dental

  • Veterinary Needs


Nitrogen Dioxide Sterilization:

Immediate Safe Use
Room Temperature Sterilization
Material Compatibility
No aeration required
Safe for most heat and
moisture sensitive materials
 Safe for most
medical materials 
EPS-V2.0 Open (with consumables) 2.png

Safe and Effective
No Water or Heat Required
Low Profile

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