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Portable Sterilization 

Power Independent 

Room Temperature 

Portable,  Accessible 

No Water Needed

Company Overview

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Eniware, LLC, is adapting an FDA & CE- approved technology to provide portable power- free sterilization for the first time ever to enable safe essential surgery where electricity is absent, intermittent or unreliable.

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The Eniware team has developed a unique Minimal Viable Product with no identified competitor.

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Large global demand has been demonstrated.

Positioned for growth with a recurring revenue business model based on consumables.

Markets include: Developing world, military, humanitarian disasters, veterinary.

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Essential Surgery and the Lack of Access

  • Surgery: An indivisible and indispensable part of healthcare

  • Investing in Surgery: Affordable, saves lives and promotes economic growth

  • 5 Billion: World’s population without access to safe and affordable surgery

  • 33 Million: People facing catastrophic expenditures exceeding 40% of their income and do not seek care

  • $4.0 Trillion: Total welfare losses in Low and middle-income countries (LMICs) in 2010

  • 143 Million: Additional surgical procedures needed in LMICs each year

  • $20 Trillion: Projected loss to GDP by 2030 due to lack of essential surgery

  • Avertable post-operative deaths are 6x the number of deaths from Tuberculosis, AIDS,
    and Malaria combined

  • 3-4x Increased care costs from surgical site infections ($14,000 excess costs for each case on average)

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