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Huma Malik

President, Eniware

Ms. Malik has over twenty years of experience in the non-profit sector (Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) & Georgetown University with a proven track record of managing complex social, political, and cultural issues. At CSIS, Ms. Malik oversaw the prestigious group of international counselors chaired by Dr. Henry Kissinger. She has experience in cross-cultural issues, vocational training, and conflict resolution workshops and seminars, including conducting field training seminars in Bosnia and Croatia. Ms. Malik is co-editor of Modernization, Democratization, and Islam (CSIS, 2005), which addressed the themes of education, international economic and trading systems, gender roles, and the military's role in Muslim-majority countries. At Georgetown University, Ms. Malik oversaw a successful transition of the ACMCU Center from an academic institution to a foreign policy-oriented think tank, managing a $20 million grant. First-time entrepreneur with an 11-year focus on Regulatory oversight, finance, marketing, and six-sigma voice of customer product design and development.

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